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The Project

This project is mainly addressed to students interested in learning basic concepts of robotics. Hosted at Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica industrial, our goal is to introduce engineering and mathematics students to the robotics world.

Our philosophy: Learning, Technology and Openess.

Join Us!

If you are interested in robotics and you want to learn and collaborate in a multidisciplinar group.

Do your PFC with us!

Helping us to reach our goals is our official partner ro-botica.com, a personal and educational robot shop located at Barcelona.

Humanoid Lab team won the CEABOT 2011 Humanoid Robot Contest (Sevilla @ Spain). Our robot "Dorami" was first in the stairs challenge, first in the obstacle race and third in the sumo contest. More information, photos and videos are available at our CEABOT 2011 page


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We use commercial robots enhanced with sensors and embedded processing units to create autonomous robots capable of dealing with uncertain environments.


Little image showing a robot in the lab

We have several small projects to provide the robots with new skills and new functionalities.


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To evaluate the developed skills for our robots there exist several national and international humanoid robot competitions.